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Small Business Pilot Program


We Want To Help You To Succeed Online

Welcome to the Easy Make Business System Small Business Pilot Program. The pilot program is created to provide small businesses with the resources, business model, and strategy they need to have an active,  online engagement without having to over exhaust a marketing budget. This program is designed for businesses that have 0- 15 employees, and an annual sales revenue of up to $250,000. Limited seating is available.

Three  Goals We Will Accomplish For Your  Business

Goal One

Market Branding

To get customers to know who you are before they need your product or services so when they do need your products or services, they will think of your business first.

Goal Two

Customer Acquisition

To position your products and services to attract  new customers that will become loyal advocates of your brand

Goal Three

Customer Retention

Place your business in a position to be a reliable source for a customer that will allow for repeat purchasing from your customers


How We Accomplish The Goals For Your Business With Three Important Task


Task One

First, we will  set up a social media strategy for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We will automate your social engagement, establish a social ecommerce through facebook so that customers can buy. You’re going to love it.


Task Two

 If you don’t have a website, we will create one for you. If you do have one we will create a lead generation or lead magnet page so that you can get leads for your business and you can track where sales are coming from.


Task Three

We will create for you an email marketing strategy that will include automation, and follow ups, so that you or your staff can get more time and productivity.

We Partner Your Business With Applications And Strategies That Are  Manageable, Flexible, and Scalable


Engagement Strategy

Website, Landing or Lead Capture Page- EasyMakewebsite

Your messaging is an important impact for your business. What you say, and how you say it is critical in creating consumer confidence that results in your business establishing trust and value in the markets you serve.  The most simplistic solution for setting the tone of your business products and services is through a website, landing page or lead capture page. More importantly, your ability to keep this content fresh provides credibility to your audience that your business is constantly evolving and adapting to consumer needs. In your program, we establish your web presence utilizing the easymakewebsite builder.  Easymakewebsite is a simple and easy to use web builder with rich features that are manageable, and flexible.

Expansion Strategy

Social Media Interaction & Automation

One of the most crucial elements of any business success is having the ability to expand the business reach. Leveraging social media as a way to accomplish this goal is one of the most feasible paths to take. Social media networks like emarssocial, instagram, facebook, linkedin, youtube, etc…. allows smaller businesses the opportunity to compete geographically

In your program, we utilize Easymakesocial+ to set up your online social strategy. Easymakesocial+  is designed in a way so that users get the most from their facebook, twitter, and linkedin accounts.

Messenger Marketing- Easymakesocial+ permits setting Messenger Bot for many Facebook Pages. And the Messenger Bot can reply with text, image, video, GIF, post back button, quick reply, Generic template, and carousel template

Social Media Marketing: Post on Facebook Pages and other social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube . Posts with Text , Image, GIF, Audio, Video, Link, Slider/Carousel, and CTA posting of Facebook pages.




Empowerment & Retention Strategy

Email Marketing Retention Through Automation

Every business needs advocates or ambassadors to help boost their brand.  When a  business is consistent in its messaging and communication with their customers, there is a loyalty that follows the brand.  Creating a self-driven or automated email funnel strategy will allow a  business to retain client share along with the opportunity to continue to present new products or services to clients. Inside of the Small Business Pilot program, your business will be set up with a funneling program that meets your business needs and allows a continued conversation with customers who have opted in to learn more about the products or services that you offer. Through our easymakemail application, we are going to set up a foundation so that you can be in constant communication with your customers. 

Lead Capture Forms

Lead capture forms that will be embedded on your website. Establish your fields of importance for the data/information you want to obtain from your subscribers. Utilize your lead capture forms to build automation and sequence funnels.


Maintain continuous communication with your email marketing by establishing special triggers of when a subscriber opt-in. Send follow up communications with sequence emails that are automated based upon certain requirements determined by you.

Track Click Thru

 See who opened your emails and track your click-thru rates. Know who are your best subscribers and segment your list to who is most likely to open and take advantage of your offers and promotions.




Register Your Participation

Program Terms: When you choose to participate, you are responsible for the monthly maintenance and online hosting of the program applications. Easy Make Business Systems will absorb the sixty-hours of development and production and implementation of your strategy.  This is equivalent to $3000 in development work hours from our staff. We only ask that as a business owner you make a three-month commitment for the pilot program maintenance. The program can be canceled at any time. There is no long term contract agreement. Your initial $149 investment is non-refundable. 

How To Get Started With The Small Business Pilot Program

To get started, you must first subscribe to become a member. Once you have subscribed, you will receive a payment receipt and a member confirmation. You will also be redirected to a member’s area with further instructions and access to your account.  A member from the Easy Make Systems team will then reach out to you via email or telephone to get more information about your business to begin your project. Welcome Aboard!