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Small Business Pilot Program

We Want To Help You To Succeed Online

Welcome to the Easy Make Business System Small Business Pilot Program. The pilot program is created to provide small businesses with the resources, business model, and strategy they need to have an active,  online engagement. It helps small businesses to establish three goals:
Goal One: Market Visibility- Helping customer to find you
Goal Two: Customer acquisition or Getting More Customers
Goal Three: Customer Retention (getting more spending from the clients you already have.

Three  Goals We Will Accomplish For Your  Business

Goal One

Market Branding

To get customers to know who you are before they need your product or services so when they do need your products or services, they will think of your business first.

Goal Two

Customer Acquisition

To position your products and services to attract  new customers that will become loyal advocates of your brand

Goal Three

Customer Retention

Place your business in a position to be a reliable source for a customer that will allow for repeat purchasing from your customers


How We Accomplish The Goals For Your Business With Three Important Task


Task One

First, we will  set up a social media strategy for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We will automate your social engagement, establish a social ecommerce so customers can buy. You’re going to love it.


Task Two

 if you don’t have a website, we will create one for you. If you do have one we will create a lead generation or lead magnet page so that you can get leads for your business and you track where sales are coming from.e.


Task Three

We will create for you an email marketing strategy that will include automation, and follow ups, so that you or your staff can get more time and productivity.

EasyMake Applications To Achieve Our Mission


Easymakesocial+  is designed in a way so that users get the most from their facebook, twitter, and linkedin accounts. 

Messenger Marketing- Easymakesocial+ permits setting Messenger Bot for many Facebook Pages. And the Messenger Bot can reply with text, image, video, GIF, post back button, quick reply, Generic template, and carousel template

Social Media Marketing: Post on Facebook Pages and other social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube . Posts with Text , Image, GIF, Audio, Video, Link, Slider/Carousel, and CTA posting of Facebook pages.

Email Marketing:  Easymakesocial+ can automatically send bulk emails to your customers’ email. You just have to import your customers’ email. It permits importing as many email as you want.



Something About Us

About Easy Make Website

When you have unlimited ideas, there should be nothing  to stop your from achieving  each of them. Easymakewebsite is a simple and easy to use web builder with rich features like Create unlimited websites and pages, Create Photo Albums, Link Video From Youtube and/or Vimeo, Create Ecommerce Shops, Create Blogs, Create Articles, Connect To Social Media, Access all themes, Build Forms and more. 

Whether you want to create a single web page, or a thousand page newspaper, your can accomplish your goals with easymakewebsite. 

Unlike other drag and drop builders, easymakewebsite utilize stripe and elements to make it easier to build a professional design that looks great and responsive. No technical skills are required.

Something About Us

About Easy Make Mail

Monitor Your Business

Find every sales interaction and track your customer’s journey. Focus on sales & marketing. With Easymakecrm you can track your pipeline of opportunities and sort  all of your contacts  whether  they are new customers or a lost customer.  The  benefits of a crm is having the ability to know what are the next steps in following with your contacts, and being able to establish clear goals for moving forward. The success of any business lies in acquisition and retention of customers. Easymakecrm provides a level of certainty in doing what you can to manage your clients from first contact to closing a deal.

Register Your Participation

If you choose to participate you are only responsible for the monthly maintenance of the program. Easy Make Business Systems will  absorb the sixty-hours of development time  that is equivalent to $3000 in development set up fees. We only ask  that you to make a three-month commitment for the pilot program maintenance.