We Provide The Building Blocks For Your Success

Our Goal

To help you establish a plan that will allow your business to stay competitive in the market by utilizing plans of action that include creating a strategy that provide direction and implementation to meet your business goals.

Empower your understanding with our free training presentation that provides you with information on task and solutions to create growth for your business. In this presentation you learn the three key objectives that every business should participate along with a concise strategy for implementation.

Complimentary Free Training


What We Do

Easymakesystems (EMBS) makes online marketing less confusing and more affordable. We develop DIY applications (Do It Yourself) that give business owners greater control over their digital marketing.


Our Approach

 Keep it simple so that businesses of any size can feel confident in knowing they can  develop and implement an online marketing strategy.


Our Mission

To provide low investment access to high quality applications that provide businesses that ability to remain engaged and competitive in the market.

About Us

Easy Make Business System (EMBS) is a service provided through Precious Seeds Media Group, LLC, and managed by the Appadtize Digital Marketing division. For 20 years we have worked to provide businesses with the resources and structure they need in order to achieve their business mission and goals.  Our team of dedicated advisors and software engineers are focused on delivering high quality consultation and business application. Our goal is to help every business we work with to be in a better position through their brand and revenue goals. We provide quick to the market Do It Yourself (DIY) web application bundles along with personal and customized consultation. 

We Will Provide Application and Strategy

Give Excellent Customer Care

Easymakesocial+  Chatbot Application

The strongest tools in growing your business is good customer service!    Having the ability to be available to your customers even when you are not, displays to your customers that you are always attentive to their needs. Applying chatbots as a first response system frees time, and delivers results. 

Promotional and Brand Development

Easymakegraphics Application  

Messaging and branding provides trust and value in the market. As a business, it is important to continuously develop repetition so that customers know who you are before they need you. Utilizing an application like easymakegraphics will allow you to create graphic post and images throughout your digital footprint.

Effective Customer Management

 Easymakecrm Application

You’ve worked hard to build your clientele.  Let us help you manage it.  Our CRM will help you manage your sales pipeline, manage customer relationships and monitor your business connections. 

Website Marketing Engagement

Easymakewebsite Application

One of the critical assets of any business is to have controlled autonomy of the brand. While it is okay to have a directory presence on web directories and social media, having a website is crucial in protecting the voice and brand of the company. We provide easy development for website, landing pages,  and lead capture.

Social Media Engagement

Easymakesocial+ Application

We know how important social media is to any business.  It is the strongest tool used in marketing today. As a business, you can’t waste valuable time posting every day. The best option is to automate the process. Our easymakesocial+  provides an easy way to manage your social media.

Reach All of Your Customers Easily

Easymakemail Application

 You have discounts and coupons and really great prices.  But if no one knows about them, how great can they really be?  Our mass mailing tool is just what you need to stay engaged.